CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System

CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System for cars with Diesel, Hybrid or electric engine

Realistic V8 sound including backfires and dynamic volume control now available for your Diesel, Hybrid or electric car.

Incredibly real V8 sound functionality:

The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound control unit is connected to the CAN bus of the respective vehicle. It continuously monitors the current load status of the engine and, based on this, creates a suitable V8 sound, which is reproduced via the connected CARGRAPHIC Active Sound actuator

Smartphone App for iOS and Android:

The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System is controlled and adjusted via the free mobile app for iOS iPhone / iPad and Android Smartphone. This allows various V8 sound files to be set, making the vehicle sound high-frequency bright like a sports engine or depending on the mood, low and growling.

Save and recall sound profiles:

The various sound variants can be fine-tuned to suit your own taste and called up via the vehicle driving profiles, such as AUDI Drive Select, BMW Driving Experience Switch or Mercedes Agility Control - alternatively, the button for automatic start/stop or the ESP button for changing the sounds can also be used.

Deceptively real sports exhaust sound:

The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System simulates a deceptively genuine V8 engine sound thanks to the dynamic volume, which increases the sound volume to match the engine speed, and the randomly generated backfires.

Various designs available:

The CARGRAPHC Active Sound System is available in two versions: Either as a DIY kit, which allows universal installation as a so-called Do-It-Yourself system - without modifying the standard exhaust system. 

Or as a component of a CARGRAPHIC Sport exhaust system or of CARGRAPHIC sport rear silencers, which replaces the factory exhaust components, so that you not only benefit from a great sound effect, but also enhance the appearance of your Mercedes Benz G-class and optimise its exhaust flow performance

CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System