Carbon-Ceramic Brake Discs

CARGRAPHIC's New Ceramic Sport Brake Discs reinforced with Carbon Fibres

Carbon-ceramic brake discs in the automotive industry - advantages and disadvantages

Brake discs made of carbon-ceramic have been widely used in the automotive industry over the last few years and have established themselves in the top sports models of car manufacturers.
No wonder, since these discs offer significant advantages over their steel counterparts:
Significantly less weight as well as noticeably better and above all more stable braking performance with less wear and tear at the same time.

However, the disadvantages of these advantages are very high costs, on the one hand for the purchase of the vehicle and on the other hand, at the latest, for the replacement of the worn discs.

The Solution: CARGRAPHIC CFRC Sport Brake Discs

This is where the new CARGRAPHIC CFRC brake discs come in: CFRC stands for Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced-Ceramic, a ceramic disc construction reinforced with carbon fibre.

CARGRAPHIC CFRC - carbon-ceramic brake discs of the latest generation

offer the following advantages over the previously available discs from vehicle manufacturers:

While conventional discs are made of cut carbon fibres, CARGRAPHIC CFRC carbon-ceramic brake discs are made of multidirectionally woven carbon fibres. The use of woven instead of cut material results in three times better thermal conductivity and a significantly lower brake system temperature. In addition, this manufacturing process results in a much more stable and wear-resistant brake disc.

Significantly lower purchase and follow-up costs

In addition to the outstanding product characteristics of the CARGRAPHIC CFRC brake discs, these also convince on the cost side. Their attractive price makes them considerably cheaper to purchase than the brake discs of vehicle manufacturers. In addition, the use of woven instead of cut carbon fibre makes it possible to reprocess CARGRAPHIC CFRC brake discs up to five times after wear.

CARGRAPHIC CFRC carbon ceramic brake discs are available for vehicles with factory-fitted ceramic brake systems and for retrofitting to vehicles without factory-fitted ceramic brake systems, using the original brake calipers.

In summary, CARGRAPHIC CFRC brake discs offer:

  • Better braking performance
  • Lower brake system temperature
  • More stable disc construction
  • Less wear and tear
  • Low purchase price
  • Very low running costs due to the possibility of reprocessing
  • Also available as retrofit for vehicles without factory-fitted ceramic brake system