CARGRAPHIC Wheels - 1- und 3-piece Rims

Own wheel production

Since 1998 CARGRAPHIC has been manufacturing its own wheel series, which has been continuously expanded in terms of design, size and construction since then and will continue to be so. Shortly after the beginning of the production of the classic three-part CARGRAPHIC Racing rim in 18" inch, the dimensions 19" and 20" inch were added. Today, the racing wheel with its sporty cross-spoke design is available from 18" to 23" in all 5-hole connections and also with a center lock construction.

3-piece wheel construction

The real 3-piece design of the CARGRAPHIC wheels not only offers the advantage of offering the rim tailor-made for every vehicle and suitable for every tyre requirement. This also gives the customer the option of choosing the colour of the wheel star and the outer and inner rim according to his individual wishes. In addition, it is also possible to choose the outer rim from lightweight aluminium or a highly resistant stainless steel version.

Low weight = less unsprung masses

Although all three-piece CARGRAPHIC wheels have a very high load capacity, this characteristic was not "bought" by a particularly high proportion of material and the associated heavy weight. State-of-the-art computer calculations have enabled particularly weight-optimized wheel stars, which are also available in two versions: In the standard version a heat treated aluminium cast star and an extremely light forged star in the optional version.

CARGRAPHIC 1-piece IS-One Wheels Series

The subject of weight and unsprung masses also played a major role in the development of the one-piece CARGRAPHIC monoblock wheel series. The aim was to offer an elaborately designed and high-quality manufactured rim, which combines the advantages of forging with the cost-effective casting process. The CARGRAPHIC IS-One FlowForming wheel is a cast construction whose shape is produced by a special rolling process, which is very similar to the forging process and allows extremely thin wall thicknesses without losing strength. The IS-One FlowForming wheel is available in the dimensions 8.5" / 9.5" and 11.5x19" in the bolt circles 5x108, x112, x114.3, x120 and x130.

CARGRAPHIC performance17 Forged Rims in 21" and 22" inch

The desire for one-piece wheels in even larger dimensions with low weight and high load capacity for use on large sedans or heavy SUV models was then met with the CARGRAPHIC performance17 rim. Available in 21" and 22" inch bolt circle 5x130, these wheels are completely rotary forged and offer sufficient load capacity for all Porsche SUV models at an extremely low weight. The CARGRAPHIC performance17 forged wheels are available in the widths 9.5" / 10.5" and 11.0" inch.

TÜV certificate

For many CARGRAPHIC wheel applications TÜV certificates exist. In addition, most wheel designs have strength certificates.