CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System - DIY Kit

CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System DIY-Kit
- with single Sound Module

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Product description
CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System - Realistic V8 Engine Sound with backfire and dynamic sound volume.
This universal CARGRAPHIC Do It Yourself (DIY) Active Sound Kit is special made for all V8 sound enthusiasts who do not want to modify or exchange their existing exhaust systems

Consisting of:
  • 1x CARGRAPHIC Active Sound Generator
  • 1x CARGRAPHIC Active Sound control unit
  • Wiring Loom
  • 90" outlet pipe stainless steel
  • Realistic V8 engine power sound
  • Dynamic volume (volume increases according to speed)
  • Randomly generated backfires
  • Selectable V8 sounds from deep growling to high frequency
  • Adjustable via mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Different sound modes can be stored
  • Can be called up via vehicle profile (e.g. Audi Drive Select, BMW driving experience switch or Mercedes Agility Control)
Impressively realistic V8 sound - How it works:
The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound control unit is connected to the CAN bus of the respective vehicle. It continuously monitors the current load status of the engine and, based on this, creates a suitable V8 sound, which is reproduced via the connected CARGRAPHIC Active Sound actuator.

The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System is controlled and adjusted via the free mobile app. This can be used to set various V8 sound files, so that the vehicle sounds high frequency as a sports engine or low and growling, depending on your mood.

The various sound variants can be fine-tuned to suit your own taste and called up via the vehicle driving profiles, such as AUDI Drive Select, BMW Driving Experience Switch or Mercedes Agility Control - alternatively, the button for automatic start/stop or the ESP button for changing the sounds can also be used.

The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound System simulates a deceptively real V8 engine sound thanks to the dynamic volume, which increases the sound volume according to the engine speed, as well as the randomly generated backfires.

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