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CARGRAPHIC Powerkit 3 - 3,2l
OE Base : 170KW (231PS) / 284Nm
Optimized : 191KW (260PS) / 309Nm
- Porsche 911 G-model C1 3,2l

Price Net Export: 6.495,00 € / A8
Price incl. 19% German VAT: 7.729,05 €

Part No: LKP11170S3

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Product description
CARGRAPHIC Powerkit 3 for Porsche 911 3,2l

OE Base 930/20 10,3:1 with 98ROZ:
170KW (231PS) / 284Nm

CARGRAPHIC optimized
up to:
  • 191KW (260PS) at 5810 U/min
  • 309Nm at 5240 U/min
  • N max at 7040 U/min
  • V max 267 km/h at 6975 U/min
Consisting of:
  • 1x Mass air flow sensor BOSCH GEN2 with Cup airfilter and wiring loom
  • 1x Motronic DME / ECU CHIP Upgrade
  • 1x Complete exhaust system heat exchanger based FKH40
Fits for:
  • Porsche 911 3,2l
  • Most effective and efficient Power upgrade
  • Perfectly matched high performance components
  • Maximum power, torque and agility
  • Developed and tested on RS-Tuning dyno
Attention: This kit has solely been developed and tested using BOSCH components. Trouble-free operation is only guaranteed with BOSCH lambda sensor and spark plugs. Percentage deviations may occur with other components. Please also be sure to observe the detailed installation instructions. The performance kit also fits the low-compression 930/25 9.5:1 engine variants, but does not quite achieve the values stated above.

Fitting Service:

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