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CARGRAPHIC Sport Exhaust System

CARGRAPHIC Sport Exhaust System
Cylinder Head-Back with modified ID38+ heat exchangers, exhaust valves and dual flow rear silencer with LH and RH tailpipe exit for
- Porsche 911 G-model 3,2l C1

Price may vary depending on the rear silencer- / tailpipe version used

Price Net Export: 6.795,00 € / A8
Price incl. 19% German VAT: 8.086,05 €

Part No: CARP11FKH4063ETFC1

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Product description:
CARGRAPHIC Cylinder Head-Back Sport Exhaust System

Consisting of:

  • Modified ID38+ heat exchangers with ID 38+mm primaries and enlarged 2.25" / 57,15mm flared end collector boxes, including modified heater boxes inlets to join to transfer heater pipe
  • CARGRAPHIC transfer heater pipe to fit OE / factory 3,2l blower pipe / heating system
  • CARGRAPHIC catless link pipe set 2,5" / 63,50mm with integrated exhaust valves pressureless closed PLC
  • CARGRAPHIC sport rear silencer "Banana"-shape with Aeroquip flanges 2,5" / 63,50mm pipework. Tailpipe outlet left and right
  • Tailpipe variations:
  • 2x CARGRAPHIC sport tailpipes in Ø76mm welded with a CTC gap of 540mm (ST-Look) or 740mm (RSR-Look)
  • 2x CARGRAPHIC sport tailpipes, adjustable, sleeve fitted, available in Ø60mm (OE-size), 75mm or 89mm
  • Fitting kit including gaskets, bracket, bandstraps, and oilpipes.
System is delivered without catalytic converter

NO DRONE OR RESONATION even in combination with other CARGRAPHIC exhaust components fitted.

Fits for:

  • Porsche 911 G-model 3,2l C1
  • Absorptive silencer design with CNC mandrel-bent pipework
  • Fully made from T-304L lightweight stainless steel
  • High performance components, dyno tested
  • Enhanced safety against exhaust gases inside vehicle cabin
  • No modification to heating system required
  • Olive-/ Bandclamp- and sleeve connections enable easy installation and perfect adjustment
  • Reinforced laser-cut brackets
  • Reduced backpressure due to freer flowing
  • Reduced operating temperature
  • Maximized performance
  • Improved throttle response, freer revving
  • Improved enhanced acoustics with no drone, resonation or vibration
  • New designed Ø2,5" / 63,50mm exhaust flaps are pressureless closed PLC which means the car will start quietly (whereas the ordinary version needs intake vacuum to close the flaps which always takes quite some time and can be annoying)
  • With flaps closed the gases flow, via the bypass pipes, silenced through the final silencer, whereas with flaps open most of the gas stream flows freely through a second exit within the tailpipes. The sound is reminiscent of the famous and legendary RSR`s, simply breath taking!
  • Model specific tuned sound still in keeping with the Marque
  • Weight reduction
PERFORMANCE - Made in Germany
up to 18KW(25PS) more power and 45Nm additional torque
Ideal base performance exhaust for additional engine upgrades.

Porsche 911 G-model 3,2l C1 models require our optional available CARGRAPHIC performance valve control unit.

Fitting Service:

Benefit from our fitting service in our modern and hightech workshop. A team of qualified, experienced technicians fulfill all your needs with due skill, care and diligence.