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CARGRAPHIC / HJS Tuning Catalytic converter

CARGRAPHIC / HJS Tuning catalytic converter
200 cpsi, Ø110mm, length 125mm,
T10 coating   

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Part No: 717278TS

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Product description:

CARGRAPHIC / HJS Tuning Catalytic Converter

  • 200 cpsi Metal Core
  • T10 coating
  • Ø110mm, length 125mm
Attention customers USA:
MOTORSPORT/RACE Catalytic converters are solely intended for track and race cars and are NOT designed to meet any federal emissions standards in the USA and are NOT for street or highway use. CARGRAPHIC/HJS products are NOT California Air Resources Board certified and NOT EPA certified and we make no claims these products comply with any emissions laws in any jurisdiction. It is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser to inform themselves of any laws or regulations which may prohibit use of these products.

More information to be found under "About CARGRAPHIC / HJS catalytic converters"