Catalytic Converter / Replacements

CARGRAPHIC / HJS Sport Catalytic Converter and Cat-Replacement Pipes for Porsche 911 3.0l SC

High performance catalytic converters provide more power and sound for Porsche 911 SC G models with factory fitted catalytic converter.

Especially for Porsche 911 SC G-models with 3.0l engine and factory-installed ceramic catalytic converter, the conversion to CARGRAPHIC / HJS metal sports catalytic converters or cat replacement pipes offers a much more efficient exhaust flow and an associated noticeable increase in performance. In addition, the typical Porsche Boxer sound is significantly amplified and provides an enhanced emotional driving experience.

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CARGRAPHIC Catalytic Converter
- SS304L lightweight stainless steel
- 200 cpsi Ø110mm HJS catalyst
Part No. KATC1SC Details ...
Original Catalytic Converter - Upgrade
- CARGRAPHIC / HJS Metal Catalytic Converter in OE Housing
- 200 cpsi Ø110mm
- Sale on Exchange Basis
Part No. KATC1SCOEAT Details ...
CARGRAPHIC Catalytic Converter Replacement
- SS304L Stainless Steel without Catalytic Converter
Part No. CARP11KATER Details ...