GiroDisc Brake Discs

GiroDisc Sport Brake Discs for Porsche 997.1 GT3 Cup 3,6l

Slotted 2-piece disc construction

Giro Disc is a Braking Technology Company dedicated to develop the highest quality performance braking components and solutions.

To be used with original Porsche 997.1 GT3 Cup 3,6l brake calipers

These, intended for use with the original Porsche 997.1 GT3  Cup brake calipers, two-piece and internally ventilated brake discs improve on the one hand the braking performance and at the same time reduce the unsprung masses. In contrast to brake systems of other manufacturer, the safe and familiar brake feel is further enhanced by the application of GiroDisc brake discs with the standard brake calipers is not affected.

Selected materials and high-quality workmanship ensure a noticeably reduced disc wear, with simultaneously ver- improved heat dissipation.

In addition to GiroDisc brake discs you can also obtain other GiroDisc products such as Titanium insulation plates or a universal spreader tool for brake pads.

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GiroDisc Brake Disc Set - Front Axle
- 380mmx34mm
- 2-piece construction
- Slotted / Vented
Part No. PERGDA1126 Details ...
GiroDisc Brake Disc Set - Rear Axle
- 350mmx28mm
- 2-piece construction
- Slotted / Vented
Part No. PERGDA2126 Details ...