Powerkit 2 - 4,0l 338KW (460PS) / 450Nm

Power Kit 2 for Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 4,0l

After intense dyno runs and adjustments, CARGRAPHIC offers a Bolt-On Kit for performance enhancement for all Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 with 4,0l engines.


The change in DME (Digital Motor Electronics) allows the motor generating more power. This happens among other things through a higher air flow, the optimization of the camshaft positions, the adjustment of the air / fuel ratio, the advance of the ignition timing and much more. The upgrade is done through the OBD-2 port of the vehicle with the help of the tuning flasher device which is included in this power kit.

CARGRAPHIC OPF Replacement / Housing Set

Maximum flow due to bigger volume and expansion space, resulting from Ø165mm housings and matching cones. Without filter insert to reduce back pressure with mixing / merging chamber in front of two hole outlet flange.

BMC sport air filter

The original air filter system is a good base but a lot of potential is not used due to the manufacturer's regulations and the maintenance intervals. CARGRAPHIC therefore recommends replacing the original paper filters with BMC sports air filters made of cotton in order to achieve higher air supply.

PERFORMANCE - Made in Germany

In combination with further CARGRAPHIC power upgrades:

  • 338KW (460PS)
  • 450Nm

The two products in the CARGRAPHIC Power Kit 2 ensure more power and guaranteed driving pleasure in your Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 4,0l.

Have you already installed parts of the kit in your vehicle? No problem, we would be happy to make you a non-binding offer for individual components.

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Base: 309KW (420PS) / 420NM
Optimized up to: 338KW (460PS) / 450NM
OPF replacement pipes with sensor connections
for monitoring EURO models
Part No. LKP82GT4309S2 Details ...
Base: 309KW (420PS) / 420NM
Optimized up to: 338KW (460PS) / 450NM
OPF replacement pipes without sensor connection
NO monitoring ROW models
Part No. LKP82GT4309S2NOM Details ...