AirLift Evolution

CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution - Lift System for Porsche 965 Turbo 3,3l and 3,6l

Function and Benefits of the CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution

The patented CARGAPHIC AirLift Evolution is a pneumatic lifting device for the front of the Porsche 964 Turbo (965) for easy and safe crossing of road obstacles such as thresholds or unfavourably angled entrances.

In addition, the CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution is particularly suitable for uncomplicated loading of the vehicle onto a transporter, as this process is significantly facilitated by a raised vehicle nose.

Lifting at fender 55mm and up to 72mm at front spoiler

Thanks to the CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution Liftsystem, the body, measured on the front fender, can be raised by 55mm, which, in the case of the Porsche 997, means a 72mm increase in the front spoiler!

The technology of the air lifting device - no impact on driving behaviour

The CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution is primarily based on a special air spring, a rubber bellows which can be filled with air and which unfolds with the aid of incoming air. This air spring, specially designed for space-saving use, is installed underneath the upper chassis dome bearing and thus does not affect the original chassis behaviour or the choice of wheel/tire combination used.

For installation a coilover suspension with cylindrical suspension springs is required.

The CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution is available as an upgrade kit to be mounted on an existing coilover suspension. It is important to note that the CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution can only be fitted to coilovers with cylindrical suspension springs whose outer diameter is 82mm or 84mm. Alternatively, we offer you a selection of suitable coilovers together with our partners BILSTEIN, Oehlins and KW.

More safety compared to hydraulic systems

The CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution offers clear advantages over hydraulic systems, i.e. systems filled with oil, due to its pneumatic mode of operation alone. The absence of hydraulic fluid alone prevents possible leakage and associated damage.

Furthermore, unlike other lifting devices, the CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution is flexible in its choice of coil-over suspension and wheel/tyre combination due to its simple but clever design.

Where does the air come from?

The system is filled either by the vehicle's own air compressor of the breakdown set, which does not impair the boot volume, or by an optionally available compressor, which requires an even shorter period of time for lifting.

In summary, the CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution offers the following advantages and product features for your Porsche 965 Turbo:

  • Raising of the body by 55mm, measured at the fender
  • Fast response time: maximum increase within 15 seconds
  • No change or impairment of driving behaviour
  • Safe control with automatic lowering from 50km/h
  • Pneumatic operation, thus no liquid in the vehicle
  • No reduction of the luggage compartment volume
  • Low weight of approx. 3Kg
  • Short installation time of approx. 3 hours.
  • Operation via radio or permanently installed switch
  • Tested by world champion Walter Röhrl
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CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution - Upgrade-Kit
- Pneumatic Front-Lift-System
- raise up to 55mm
- for coilover suspension with cylindrical springs
Part No. CARALSP64 Details ...
BILSTEIN B16 PSS10 - Coilover Suspension
- Perfect to be combined with CARGRAPHIC AirLift
- 10-step rebound and compression setting
- FA: lowering -20 up to 40mm
- RA: lowering -20 up to 40mm
- for models from 01/1991
Part No. CARBIL48-132633 Details ...
KW Variant 3 inox-line - Coilover Suspension
- Perfect to be combined with CARGRAPHIC AirLift
- Rebound & compression separately adjustable
- FA: lowering -20 up to 40mm
- RA: lowering -20 up to 40mm
- for models from 06/1991
Part No. KW35271025 Details ...
CARGRAPHIC AirLift Evolution - Compressor-Kit
- Alternative air supply for AirLift air-spring
Part No. CARRSS100C Details ...

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