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CARGRAPHIC / HJS Sport Catalytic Converters for Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S

High-performance catalytic converters provide more performance and sound for Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S models

For Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S CARGRAPHIC Sport catalytic converters offer a much more efficient exhaust flow and a noticeable increase in performance compared to the factory components. In addition, the typical Porsche Boxer sound is significantly enhanced, providing an emotional driving experience.

High-quality T38 coating with 4 times the quantity of precious metals

CARGRAPHIC catalytic converters have a honeycomb body constructed in HD-Matrix design which, in contrast to conventional sports catalytic converters, is coated with a much higher quality T38 coating. This is almost 4 times the amount of precious metals, consisting of platinum, palladium and rhodium. Thus, CARGRAPHIC catalysts have a better cleaning effect than more closely meshed systems with a lower quality coating.

Honeycomb structure in HD matrix design and radial groove

HD-Matrix stands for High-Durability and characterizes the honeycomb structure designed for maximum durability. The radial groove in the jacket prevents any movement of the honeycomb body under high exhaust pressure and thus supports its longevity. Together with the T38 Tri-metal coating developed exclusively for CARGRAPHIC, the CARGRAPHIC catalytic converter ensures exhaust emission values at vehicle manufacturer level, while at the same time flow capacity and the associated significantly lower exhaust back pressure.

Features - CARGRAPHIC catalytic converters for Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S:

  • 100 cpsi / cell MS high performance honeycomb carrier
  • Exclusive CARGRAPHIC T38 Tri-metal coating (4 times more precious metals than conventional sports catalytic converters)
  • Triple foil winding
  • Jacket-Matrix-Decoupling
  • Austenitic stainless steel housing for aircraft construction

CARGRAPHIC catalysts are developed in close cooperation with HJS and Emitec - CARGRAPHIC is HJS's exclusive aftermarket development partner for the Porsche model series.

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CARGRAPHIC Sport Catalytic Converter Set
- 2x 100 cpsi catalytic converters
Part No. CARAMV8SKAT Details ...
CARGRAPHIC Sport Catalytic Converter Replacement Pipe Set
- WITHOUT catalytic converters
Part No. CARAMV8SKATER Details ...