CARGRAPHIC Racing Wheels 19" for Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S / N430 / AMR

3-piece wheel construction with sportive Y/U-spokes design for Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S / N430 / AMR - with TÜV certificate

First impression - Exceptional

The first impression of the CARGRAPHIC Racing wheel in its 19" version: Exceptionally large and yet with a sporty elegance!
Its special feature - the combination of a modern flatbed outer half with a classic design Y-/U-spoke wheel star. The space gained by the absence of the outer rim step is completely taken up by the newly designed wheel centre with its clearly extended spokes.

Thanks to this technical trick, the sporty design of the racing rim comes even more into focus and makes the wheel look even bigger than it actually is. This makes it perfect for vehicles with rather small tyre rolling circumferences, which visually benefit from a large rim.

Customised wheels and wheel & tyre sets in 19" inch for the Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S / N430 / AMR - with TÜV certificate

The CARGRAPHIC Racing wheel is already a modern classic, even in the 19" version. The multi-part construction, consisting of outer and inner halves as flatbed as well as wheel stars, each in different designs, allows a tailor-made wheel and tyre combination for the Aston Martin Vantage 4,7l V8 S / N430 / AMR.

Available with MICHELIN, DUNLOP or PIRELLI high-performance tyres fitted

Together with our partners MICHELIN, DUNLOP and PIRELLI, we offer our wheel sets optionally with the latest version of matching high-performance tyres. If you prefer tyres from other manufacturers, just ask us. Also available: Tyre pressure sensors (TPMS) and various center cap versions.

100% Made in Germany - Handmade in Landau in der Pfalz

We are proud of this: All necessary components of every CARGRAPHIC Racing wheel, from the small screw to the large rim star, are 100% manufactured in Germany and are carefully matched and assembled by hand here in our company.

Features and technical details CARGRAPHIC Racing Wheel 19":

  • Genuine 3-piece wheel construction
  • High quality product with TÜV certificate
  • 100% Made in Germany - Own in-house manufacturing
  • Optionally heat-treated cast or forged wheel star
  • V2A stainless steel flat outer rim, hand polished
  • Aluminium inner rims
  • Extremly light, with up to 765kg load capacity (depending on PCD)
  • Available PCDs: 5x100, 5x108, 5x112, 5x114,3, 5x120 and 5x130
  • Individual colour combination
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CARGRAPHIC Racing Wheel - 9.0"x19"
Available offsets:
ET02 up to ET76
Part No. RAC290 Details ...
CARGRAPHIC Racing Wheel - 11.0"x19"
Available offsets:
ET02 up to ET75
Part No. RAC2110 Details ...
- FA: 9.0"x19" ET38
- RA: 11.0"x19" ET53
- Without Tyres
Part No.: RRAM1990381153WT Details ...
CARGRAPHIC RACING 19" Wheel and Tyre Set
- FA: 9.0"x19" ET38 with 255/35R19 PS4S
- RA: 11.0"x19" ET53 with 305/30R19 PS4S
Part No.: RRAM1990381153R Details ...