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Powerkit 2 - 3,2l 185KW(252PS)/305NM

CARGRAPHIC Performance Upgrade for Porsche 911 G-Modell 3,2l C1 / CS / Speedster - Powerkit 2

Performance upgrade kit with TÜV-certificate for Porsche 911 G-Modell 3,2l C1 / CS / Speedster

Together with RS-Tuning / Schmirler, CARGRAPHIC offers a performance upgrade kit with TÜV certificate for all Porsche 911 3.2l Carrera, CS and Speedster (G-model series). This direct bolt-on powerkit, developed and optimised by intense dyno runs on the latest technology test benches, containes the 2nd generation of BOSCH mass airflow sensor.

Optimised / Digital GEN-2 Mass Airflow Sensor with bigger diameter and integrated temperature sensor

The standard air flow meter is limited by its intake diameter, which prevents any further performance upgrades. Therefore, the CARGRAPHIC Power Kits are equipped with a flow optimized GEN-2 BOSCH mass airflow sensor with digital measuring technology. This new unit not only offers a larger diameter, it also comes with a smaller hot-film-sensor-element for an aerodynamically optimized sensor housing and an integrated air inlet temperature-sensor which delivers more precise measuring results. The replacement of the old standard air flow meter with flap enables an improved throttle response and an increased agility across the entire rev range.

PERFORMANCE - Made in Germany

In combination with further CARGRAPHIC components:

  • 185KW (252PS) at 5800 rpm
  • 305Nm at 5250 rpm
  • N max at 7040 rpm
  • V max 267 km/h at 6975 rpm
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OE Base: 170KW (231PS) / 284NM
Optimized: up to 185KW (252PS) / 305 NM
Part No. LKP11170S2 Details ...

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