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CG Heat Exchanger Kits with Heater Transfer Pipe

CARGRAPHIC Heat Exchanger Kit with heater transfer pipe

For Porsche 911 3,2l C1 / CS / Speedster

After thorough dyno runs with our partner RS-Tuning, CARGRAPHIC offers the latest, further developed heat exchanger version for classic air-cooled Porsche 911 models. The original SSI heat exchanger pair with 41mm outer tube diameter and 38.50mm inner diameter serves as the basis.

By the way, 37.50mm is the original inner diameter of a 3.2l 1984-1989 heat exchanger. The common installation of SSI heat exchangers with 35mm inner diameter on 3.2l engines is not recommended under any circumstances, as the cross-section is reduced at the exhaust port and the flange is positioned like a throttle in the gas flow.

In this case the merged collectors and also the secondary pipes are enlarged in diameter from 50mm outside to 57.15mm and 63.50mm respectively. For an optimal power and torque yield, we also use 2-hole flanges with 55mm inner diameter, or our AQ adapter tubes with 61mm inner diameter.

We offer two versions of heating air intake: Heater air intake LH/RH up to year of manufacture 1983 and the 1984-89 version with heater transfer tube.

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CARGRAPHIC Heat Exchanger kit
- Modified ID38+mm heat exchangers
- Thick flanges ID38+mm
- AQ Collectorbox 2,25" / 57,15mm
- Secondaries 2,25" / 57,15mm
- 2-hole flanges ID55mm
- Heater transfer pipe
Part No. CARP11FKH40C1KIT Details ...